Saturday, 2 June 2012

Review: The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

The first time I read this book I was 8 and I had the flu, it was winter and I was extremely grouchy since I had read all my books and the library books I sent my mum out to get [daily], so my mum bought me "The Secret Garden" and told me that I would enjoy it since I was really into "The Famous Five" at the time. I can still remember the first time I read it I got stuck in right away and I loved it!

So now, years later I've decided to re-read it and I can see why I loved this book so much, it is the perfect book for a child [a definite present for any kid aged 8]. 

I will be giving quite a bit away, so DO NOT read further if you have not read this book. The story is centred around Mary a spoilt 10 year-old who's parents had just died and has been sent to live with her uncle in an empty mansion on the Yorkshire moors where she makes many discoveries. Such as a her cousin, who has been hidden away in the mansion, she finds a key in the ground and so much more, this is a perfect story for a child since this is a story through the eyes of a child, a child's curiosity and kindness that many children are able to relate to.

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