Monday, 4 June 2012

Review: Queen of Babble Gets Hitched by Meg Cabot

This trilogy by Meg Cabot is a very nice light read, with a to be expected plot and at times frustrating characters but sometimes it is nice to read a predictable book. I am obviously a HUGE fan of Meg Cabot's books but this isn't one of my favourites.

Like most of Meg Cabot's books this is a light, fluffy read. It follows a girl called Lizzie who is a wedding gown "refurbisher". In the trilogy there are lots of facts about wedding traditions through the ages and what gowns represent and what dress designs people are suited to. An interesting fact I learnt was that bridesmaids all wear the same color because it was meant to ward off evil spirits, and that their purpose was to protect the bride from evil spirits. Lizzie is engaged but obviously to the wrong guy, since she is in love with her finances' best friend, Chaz.

The reason I don't particularly like this series by Meg Cabot is because of the characters. I found Lizzie extremely unlikable since she is beyond words of annoying and cares wayyyy to much about looks. Chaz on the other hand was more likeable but there is nothing about him, he seems to be written to be just an object of Lizzie's love/ hate/ confusion. I was really annoyed with Lizzie because she knows she doesn't love Luc, her fiance but she doesn't call the wedding off since she seems pretty keen on his money.

My favourite part in this book has to be Lizzie's Grandmother's funeral, WAIT READ ON, I don't mean it like that, Lizzie's Grandmother is definitely not one to bake cookies for her grandkids. At her formal Christian funeral [which Lizzie knew her Grandmother would hate] Lizzie read out the lyrics to AC DC's Highway to Hell. Which I could not stop laughing over.

Rumor has it that the Queen of Babble is getting married--or is she?

An excellent read to read in the summer when you're too hot and bothered to read anything complicated.

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