Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Review: Mahalia by Joanne Horniman

This is a book about a teen dad, Matt caring for his daughter Mahalia. Mahilia's mother Emmy couldn't cope under the pressure and leaves Matt and Mahalia. It is nice when reading a teen pregnancy book when the authors have the fathers sticking around, even though it does get a lot of critical responses.

MATT LOVED EVERYTHING about Emmy. He loved her freckled, luminous, magical body. He loved her free spirit. He loved the future he saw when he found out Emmy was pregnant. And he loved her answer when her parents protested their decision to keep the baby: " We'll just love it, okay?" 
Full of emotion and insight, "Mahalia" is the story of one teenage boy's struggle to be a better father than he knows how. 

I love that this book is set in Australia, since quite a few of the books I read are American, since it is an Australian book it made the issues in it seem so much more realistic. I love the main character [Matt] who is so protective and determined to care for Mahalia. This is an beautiful and extremely realistic book, it is not packed with action or have amazing events, it follows a teenage boy struggling to raise his daughter. Reading the book seriously makes you want to scream Matt on with encouragement, tell him not to give up, that he is a wonderful father and the fact that he is so afraid to fail makes him an even better father. I would recommend this to any teenager to show what can result in a teenage pregnancy, that it is hard to raise a kid. 

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  1. I remember seeing the other version of this, from Emmy's POV, I think it was called Little Wing. I've always wanted to read Mahalia but never gotten around to it.