Saturday, 2 June 2012

Review: Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta

I love the beginning of this book, it had a fantastic introduction that gave a fantastic insight to the main character, Josephine [known as Josie to her friends] through a quiz in a magazine. Unfortunately Josie is interrupted by a furious nun.

This book was filled with a range of emotions. This book was also filled with humour, passion and culture which critics call "a great coming of age story, heartfelt and overall so good!" I have to agree with the critics, it was a great novel that was extremely deep and earnest.

All of Melina Marchetta's characters seem so real and relatable. Josie actually reminds me of Francesca, from Saving Francesca, as they are both strong, relatable characters and Italian!

I love how in this novel Marchetta brought up the issue of culture and what it means to grow up and survive in a land that is not your own, a society that is unwilling to accept you. This is something that Josie and her mother and Grandmother went though.

Marchetta gave each character a great construction in the novel and as they developed I grew to love the ones I hated and appreciate the ones I liked. This book is extremely inspirational and has a great insight to a Italian teenage girls life.

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