Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Review: Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

I have to admit I actually saw the animated movie of Howl's Moving Castle before I read the book. The movie was beyond words of amazing but in the book the background of the protagonist, Sophie is given [which I loved!] I have to warn you though the plots in the book and the movie are similar but at the same time completely different!

In the book Sophie lives in a magical land  of Ingary in a small town, where all the traditional fairy-tales are real, the land holds witches, cloaks of invisibility and magic. Sophie, the eldest of three sisters works the family business, the hat shop.

Sophie's adventure really begins when she accidently attracts the attention of the fearsome Witch of the Waste whom after Sophie insults curses her into the body o an old woman, forcing Sophie to leave and go off to break her curse.

As she leaves town Sophie comes across a moving castle, which belongs to the Wizard Howl who is known to, "amuse himself by collecting young girls and sucking the souls out of them, others say he eats their hearts." So when Sophie met Howl he was not what she expected. Their adventures soon intertwine and Sophie sets out to break her curse and help Howl with his magical problems.

In which a witch bewitched the hatter's daughter--and then some...
Sophie lived in the town of Market Chipping, which was in Ingary, a land in which anything could happen, and often did - especially when the Witch of the Waste got her dander up. Which was often.
As her younger sisters set out to seek their fortunes Sophie stayed in her father's hat shop. Which proved most unadventurous, until the Witch of the Waste came in to buy a bonnet, but was not pleased. Which is why she turned Sophie into an old lady. Which was spiteful witchery.
>Now Sophie must seek her own fortune. Which means striking a bargain with the lecherous Wizard Howl. Which means entering his ever-moving castle, taming a blue fire-demon, and meeting the Witch of the Waste head-on. Which was more than Sophie bargained for...

Jones is able to create a completely original fairy land, that is not boring. I love this story, it is filled with romance, thrills and head scratching moments. Thankfully Jones has written other books about Howl and Sophie, which I have yet to read!

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