Saturday, 2 June 2012

Review: Checkmate by Malorie Blackman

Checkmate is Malorie Blackman's last instalment in her Noughts and Crosses trilogy, the first book was "Noughts and Crosses" and the second was "Knife Edge". This has to be one of the greatest trilogies I've ever read. "Checkmate" mainly focuses on Callie's [Sephy and Callum's daughters] childhood.

A great thing about "Checkmate" was as Callie grew and various events happened her attitude changed with every event. "Checkmate" didn't cover massive issues, well not like "Noughts and Crosses" did. "Checkmate" mainly focused on the issues of love than discrimination and racism. At least in this book rights have been slightly altered and equality was on the way for everyone.

This book is basically following Sephy and Callum's daughter Callie Rose, who is trying like many teens to find her place and fit in and find out what really happened to her dad. When out of nowhere her Uncle Jake, Callum's older brother, contacts Callie, Callie falls for his charms and looks set to join his organisation the Liberation Militia.

Can the future ever erase the past? Rose has a Cross mother and a Nought father in a society where the pale-skinned Noughts are treated as inferiors and those with dual heritage face a life-long battle against deep-rooted prejudices. Sephy, her mother, has told Rose virtually nothing about her father, but as Rose grows up she becomes determined to find out more about her parentage. As Rose takes her first steps away from Sephy and into her father’s world, she finds herself drawn inexorably into danger.

"Checkmate" was a great read and uncovered many secrets and is a definite book to read. This book had a great ending as well, very satisfying for a reader. I could not imagine a better ending for such a tragic, heartbreaking story and I can promise you will not be disappointed.

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