Saturday, 2 June 2012

Review: Boys Don't Cry by Malorie Blackman

I though this book was phenomenal, Blackman was able to tackle the issue of teen pregnancies and the difficulty of being a young gay person as well. What I love about this book is that instead of seeing the single, struggling teen mother the point of view has been flipped, where the dad gets left with the baby and the mum takes off. 

Blackman explores the problems Dante faces as a teen dad, raising a Emma. This book shows the difficult decisions young parents have to make about their own lives and their child's. While struggling to raise a child Dante faces the problem of Emma not actually being his and if he'll be able to attend college.

You're about to receive your A-level results and then a future of university and journalism awaits. But the day they're due to arrive your old girlfriend Melanie turns up unexpectedly ...with a baby ...You assume Melanie's helping a friend, until she nips out to buy some essentials, leaving you literally holding the baby.

This book also explores the problems that young gay people go through. Dante's younger brother Adam is gay and treated cruelly because of this, people do not accept him which resulted in a life threatening beating.

The book is written from several points of views, showing everyones side of the issues their facing individually and together. The book in places was predictable, such as Adam was obviously going to be beaten, and after reading a few chapters it is obvious who will do it. Other then that I thought this was a fantastic book and I loved a comment a woman gave in the book, "At least he's sticking around for his kid and not doing a runner."

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