Sunday, 8 April 2012

Review: The Sisters Grimm #3- The Problem Child by Michael Buckley

I found this book to be an extremely interesting one by Michael Buckley, he seems to be doing a similar thing to J.K Rowling who made the characters and problems progress with the age of the readers they were attracting. The Problem Child showed the scary side to fairy tales ad I found it quite daring for Buckley to raise the issues of mental health in a children's book, but he is able to talk about it appropriately and sensitively.

Sabriana is still struggling to come to terms with losing their parents and is trying to escape with her sister from their Grandmothers world which is full of peculiar and terrifying characters. Reading this book made me laugh, gasp and shout out loud like other of Michael Buckley's books.

I think Buckley 
is a magnificent writer who is able to re-invent fairy tale characters and tell an unbelievably captivating story about a family struggling to reunite which causes many complications, many of which arise when they try harder to hold onto each other.

For Sabrina and Daphne Grimm, the latest in a long line of fairy-tale detectives, there is one mystery they want to solve more than all the others: Who kidnapped their parents more than a year ago? Sabrina enters the hideout of the Scarlet Hand, the sinister group of Everafters who are keeping her parents prisoner. She has a chance to rescue her mom and dad but is foiled by the most famous fairy-tale character in the world. How can a human child defeat a magic one? With the help of her little sister (who might be tougher than Sabrina realizes) and a long-lost relative, Sabrina finds a powerful weapon for fighting her enemies, and discovers that magic has a high price.

I love how Buckley is trying to give the Grimm family the happily ever after their looking for, which is something everybody is able to relate to.

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