Sunday, 8 April 2012

Review: The Sisters Grimm #2- The Unusual Suspects by Michael Buckley

Michael Buckley was able to make the sequel better then his first! This book was full of intense scenes and action packed moments that either made laugh till me belly ached or hide my head under the covers in horror.

I love how Buckley took his time to make each character unique and have many qualities and characteristics that people can relate to, such as it is understandable for Sabrina, [the protagonist] to be angry and frustrated over how helpless she feels to rescue her parents.

I like how Buckley is able to incorporate lessons about not judging another person, in this case Everafters, because they are different from you. Buckley does not go overboard on his "don't-judge-a-person-by-their-cover" lesson but rather subtly adds it in, making it something readers stop and think about after finishing the book.

The Sisters Grimm start school at Ferryport Landing Elementary. Daphne's lucky enough to get Snow White for a teacher, but poor Sabrina is stuck with Mr. Grumpner and a class of mildly psychotic sixth graders. When Mr. Grumpner is found hanging in a spider's web, it is up to the Grimms to find the Everafter who did it.

An annoying thing about Buckley's writing is that ALL of his books end in cliffhangers, making waiting for his next book to come out miserable but then again I guess from my growing obsession with this series shows what a brilliant writer Michael Buckley is and how he is able to reach children and young adults.

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