Saturday, 21 January 2012

Review: Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot

Weird thing about this trilogy is that I read them backwards starting from the 3rd, trust me it was not intentional but I read the third one a few years back and I started retracing my steps of this story to the very beginning. Even though Meg Cabot uses the basic plot of a small town girl, who is a recent gradate, has recently lost quite a bit of weight and falls in love with a guy over seas who turns out to be quite a jerk.

I love how the character didn't stay in one place the whole time, they moved from their small town to England, to France [it turns out to be quite an interesting trip!] Although I found this book [trilogy in total] completely predictable, Lizzie [the main character] as you can tell from the title really can not keep her mouth shut, she is not called Lizzie Broadcasting System LBS, for nothing. Although this book seems far away from reality with it's obnoxious characters, it at times is quirky and humorous, a good book to read when you can not be bothered getting fully into a novel and understanding it since the plot inevitable.

What's an American girl with a big mouth, but an equally big heart, to do?
Lizzie Nichols has a problem, and it isn't that she doesn't have the slightest idea what she's going to do with her life, or that she's blowing what should be her down payment on a cute little Manhattan apartment on a trip to London to visit her long-distance boyfriend, Andrew. What's the point of planning for the future when she's done it again? See, Lizzie can't keep her mouth shut. And it's not just that she can't keep her own secrets, she can't keep anything to herself.
This time when she opens her big mouth, her good intentions get Andrew in major hot water. Now Lizzie's stuck in London with no boyfriend and no place to stay until the departure date written on her non-changeable airline ticket.
Fortunately, Lizzie's best friend and college roommate is spending her summer in the south of France, catering weddings in a chateau. One call and Lizzie's on a train to Paris. Who cares if she speaks only rudimentary French? One glimpse of gorgeous Chateau Mirac -- not to mention gorgeous Luke, Chateau Mirac's owner -- and she's smitten.
But while most caterers can be trusted to keep a secret, Lizzie's the exception. And no sooner has the first cork been popped than Luke hates her, the bride is in tears, and it looks like Chateau Mirac is in danger of becoming a lipo-recovery spa. As if things aren't bad enough, ex-boyfriend Andy shows up looking for "closure" (or at least a loan), threatening to ruin everything, especially Lizzie's chance at ever finding real love -- unless she can figure out a way to use that big mouth of hers to save the day.
Although some people might find this mushy and completly predictabled plot entertaining I how ever found it not exciting but at times humorous. 

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