Friday, 27 January 2012

Review: Hades by Alexandra Adornetto

Hades is the sequel to Halo, where as angels Bethany and two other angels are trying to save a small town, now in the second book the town is peaceful, the crime rate is so low the police are actually having to find things to do in their work hours! For me I found Halo refreshing, an innocent character, who is an angel trying to fit into the modern world and help them. Bethany has to adapt to modern slang and technical objects which I found hugely amusing, in the second book I expected her character to of developed to understand ways of modern society much better since Hades is set six months after the end of Halo. Instead you can tell by the blurb that Beth has not learnt much since she hops on the back of a guys motorcycle, a guy who constantly threatens her and winds up in Hell. Obviously Beth was never given the lecture about "the white van" or "stranger danger" or any other freaky story our parents and media tells us.

Heaven Help Her.

Bethany Church is an angel sent to Earth to keep dark forces at bay. Falling in love was never part of her mission, but the bond between Beth and her mortal boyfriend, Xavier Woods, is undeniably strong. But even Xavier’s love, and the care of her archangel siblings, Gabriel and Ivy, can’t keep Beth from being tricked into a motorcycle ride that ends up in Hell. There, the demon Jake Thorn bargains for Beth’s release back to Earth. But what he asks of her will destroy her, and quite possibly, her loved ones, as well.

Although this book follows practically every lovey dovey cliche it is still quite good any girl who finds cliches amusing or appealing definitely read this book!

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