Friday, 6 January 2012

Books + Chocolate = Crumbs

Hi there, it seems you have stumbled across my little world on the internet… welcome!!! My name is Katie and I am a bookaholic, no not a shopaholic unless it is for books, I am of course also a chocoholic.

From my awesome friend Ismé aka The Book Slooth I have acquired a mountain of books so this holiday my goal is to complete Mount Booktopia.

 Five towers of books each 30cm high.... this will keep me busy... but not for long.... you can not stop The Young Contemporary!!!! [Mwa ha ha ha!!!]

 These books are my number one reads! Have finished 'Prom and Prejudice' by Elizabeth Eulberg, a reworking of the classic Pride and Prejudice and now starting on 'The Eternal Ones' by Kirsten Miller.

Check out my blog next time for these reviews, book trailers, sneak peeks and more!! Later, Katie.

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